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Department of Athletics

Policies and Procedures/ Use of Grady and Lakewood Stadiums


The following procedures have been put in place to ensure the safety of coaches, fans, and all student-athletes. Please take a moment to read and adhere to the following:


  • Parking– Parking will be available for stadium personnel, game day officials, principals, assistant principals, athletic directors, and certified athletic trainers of participating schools ONLY.


  • Tailgating – No tailgating will be allowed on APS property.


  • Spectators – There will be NO spectators allowed at APS home competitions. All stands will be closed. NO EXCEPTIONS


  • Cheerleaders – Please be advised that on game days, sideline cheer squads are only allowed to have TWO adult coaches on the track in addition to the active/uniformed cheerleaders.  No other members of the cheer squad will be allowed on the track if they are not in uniform. Only active squads are allowed on the track. Sideline cheer will be reserved for varsity cheer squads during varsity games and junior varsity cheer squads during junior varsity games.


  • Bands – No bands will be allowed at APS competitions.


  • Mandatory Masks – Masks are required for every person entering Lakewood or Grady Stadium. Masks must be worn at all times unless you are a rostered/participating student-athlete.  Social distancing will be required by all auxiliary sideline participants.


  • Sideline Participation– Please note that only players, coaches, certified athletic trainers, administrators of participating schools, and approved medical doctors will allowed on the sidelines. Any other players that are not dressed must be easily identified in team jerseys (NO EXCEPTIONS). This is mandated, per Georgia High School Association. This becomes a liability issue if not properly handled. There will be absolutely no other people allowed on the sideline. This includes family, school personnel, alumni, etc.


  • School Administration – Please be advised that only the administration of participating schools will be allowed on the sidelines. No children or friends/family will be allowed into the venue or on the sidelines.


  • Post-Game– After all games, teams will NOT be allowed to assemble in groups for post-game speeches. We ask that this take place either on the buses, locker rooms, or at their perspective facilities upon arrival back to their schools. Again, this ensures the safety and security of our student-athletes and coaches.